WordPress Hacked Website Repair and Malware Removal

WordPress Malware Removal South Africa

Has your WordPress website or blog been hacked?

Has your hosting been suspended for distributing malicious software (malware)?

Has your domain being flagged as malicious or dangerous by Google or security vendors?

Is your email not being delivered due to your domain being flagged as being malicious?

Hacked Website Repair South Africa

We have been in the industry for over 20 years and are experts in Digital Marketing in the areas of digital strategy, hosting, web design, print design and Social Media Marketing based in South Africa.

What are the signs that your website website may have been hacked

– Is your website re-directing to other websites?
– Is your site redirecting to a suspicious or malicious web site?
– Have new pages or posts been added without your knowledge?
– Has your website been changed or have bad links appeared?
– Can you no longer access wp-admin? (login page)
– Are you seeing popups on your website?
– Do you get 404 errors on pages and posts that weren’t there previously?
– Have any suspicious user accounts appeared?

WordPress Hacked Web site Repair Service

We can help you remove your website malware now.

Why was my website hacked?

There are several common causes of hacked websites in South Africa.

One of the most common, is outdated software, including WordPress core, WordPress themes and plugin updates.

Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software to gain access to a website and compromise its security.

Another common cause is weak passwords or password rescue accross multiple websites, which can be easlisy guessed by hackers.

Insecure hosting and a lack of regular website backups can cause a website to be vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Phishing scams and malware-infected computers used to access WordPress websites can also be a source of security breaches.

To prevent these issues, website owners need to keep their software updated to their WordPress site.

We advise clients to use strong passwords and implement two-factor authentication where possible.

Hosting providers should ensure server configurations are in place for added protection against hacking attempts.

WordPress Website Recovery Sevice

Our WordPress Hack Repair service includes:

  1. A full backup of your site including the database and all files.
  2. We scan your entire site and remove the infection.
  3. The track down the cause of the initial hacking attempt and fix any security holes
  4. We check the hosting environment for any security issues and can relocate your site to be more secure hosting environment if needed.
  5. We security harden your WordPress installation.

Three steps to repairing hacked WordPress websites in South Africa.

Certain best practices should be followed to make sure the website is fully restored and secure.

Step 1:

We make a full backup of the website.

Before starting any repairs.

This will make sure that any changes we make

Can easily be:

  • restored
  • or rolled back if necessary.

Step 2:

We update all plugins and themes to their latest versions as out dated software can leave vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

Then we will install security plugins which will help prevent future hacks.

Once the website has been cleaned of any malicious code or files, we do a security scan to ensure no remnants of the hack remain.

Step 3:

Strong passwords will be provided for all user accounts, Businesses in South Africa have peace of mind knowing their websites are secure from cyber threats with our website maintenance support plans.

The importance of website security cannot be overstated when it comes to preventing future hacks. With the rise of cybercrime, having a secure website is essential for any business or individual operating online.

Website security experts at cleaning, fixing and securing websites in South Africa

Remove Malicious Content

After conducting a full web site scan and finding harmful elements.

Our next steps involves eliminating any harmful scripts, content, database records, melware, backdoors, and spam related links in your WordPress setup.

Update Core Files

The .htaccess, and wp-config.php are crutial components of a WordPress site.

We will carefully check for any malicious scripts within these files, remove them, and put safety measures in place to prevent future exploitation of your web site.

Security Hardening

After eliminating malware and harmful content, then to reinforce your website’s security measures to deter future hacking attempts.

We will do this by installing and fine-tuning a WordPress security plugin for the best protection.

Rapid Hacked Website Repair

Our website hacked repair service is designed to address these urgent situations offering prompt and efficient solutions to get your website back up and running.

In general, we have hacked websites repaired and back online within 2-3 hours.

Blacklist Removal

In the event that Google or security vendors has blacklisted your site and your users are receiving cautionary messages about potentially harmful content.

We will then implement the required measures to eliminate these warnings.

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